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Bella Retreats was created as a way to share the beauty of retreats and traveling the world with as many people as possible. Bella Retreats pairs inspired facilitators with stunning locations so that small groups can come together in harmony and connection with themselves, each other and nature.

Yoga, Art, Meditation, Dance, Adventure Retreats Worldwide!

"The name is fitting - Bella, such a beautiful experience. I was incredibly inspired and enriched on a daily basis. Every activity was magic! The people who attended were such kind and supportive ladies, bonds were unavoidable. Una is light, patient, funny and so full of spirit! If you are reading this, wondering if you should commit, don’t waver! Do it!! This is a gift to yourself that you will keep forever". ~ Mand

Traveling, for Una, is a way to stay present and enliven the senses. She loves exploring new lands, discovering foreign markets and maneuvering her way through winding streets. Since, navigating the world comes easy for Una, she lives for taking the hard part out of traveling, organizing the details so others can have a relaxing and easeful experience. Throughout her travels, Una has made numerous connections, allowing her to open doors to hidden gems all over the world. She is able to professionally organize the logistics and details of retreat travel while simultaneously creating a fun atmosphere among the group.

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