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Astrology provides an opportunity to learn about oneself and the world. At the time we are born into this life, we are delivered with a specific cosmic blueprint. It’s much like our one of a kind fingerprint. Interpreting one’s birth chart with the language of astrology can give us great knowledge about how we are made, what we are attracted to and why, what drives us, where our purpose lies and so much more! Interpreting the cosmic weather can also tell us how to work with the cycles of life. Una offers Astrological Consultations that combine the wisdom of our cosmic blueprint with the current astro weather in order to provide life guidance and a deep understanding of the soul’s journey.

Reading Types

There are many types of Astrology Readings that can be explored.

Birth Chart with Current Transits

Learn the language of the story of your birth chart and how the current astro weather is affecting you.

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Synastry Chart

This reading focuses on how the charts between two people align. Great for couples or families to understand the deeper energetic implications of relationships.

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This reading explores how your chart changes as you move around the world from location to location. Great if you are considering a move or planning travel!

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"Divine Intervention" Art by Autumn Skye

"I had the pleasure of receiving an Astrology reading from Una March of 2018. It was not my first, so I had high expectations. Her preparation and diligence prior to the reading were exceptional. Her Knowledge and skill impressed me along with her accuracy. I would strongly suggest anyone looking for an Astrology reading contact her, as I am sure you will be thoroughly impressed!!" ~ Jennifer Yund

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