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Art is an expression of the soul. As a visual person, I use art to express my inner world. The process of manifesting something beautiful is a healing and meditative experience. I don’t sit and think about what I am going to paint. I allow form, color, shape and energy to flow through me. I believe Art is an essential part of our human experience. It can connect people to their highest source; it provides an opportunity for expression that isn’t found anywhere else. I create images that have a soft, feminine, sensual feel. My paintings invites you to soak up the light and energetic vibration that radiates from within.


Gallery 1

Ethereal Energies

Gallery 2

Mische Technique

Gallery 3

Acrylic Explorations

All Paintings can be purchased as 3x5 cards, 11x14 paper prints or larger canvas prints. Some originals available for purchase as well.

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