"Una is a beautiful yoga instructor, as she brings a light, fun touch to her classes and encourages you to "be" where you are. Fantastic teacher!" ~Diana

Yoga Schedule


12:00pm - Noon Flow - Karma Yoga 

5:30pm - Vinyasa Flow Level 2 - Kindness Yoga Capitol Hill


9:15am - Vinyasa Flow - Karma Yoga Center

12:00pm - Noon Flow - Kindness Yoga South Broadway


9 am - Vinyasa Flow Level 1/2 - Kindness Yoga Capitol Hill


9 am - Vinyasa Flow - Kindness Yoga Hilltop

4 pm - Vinyasa Flow - Kindness Yoga Platee Street


11 am  - Vinyasa Flow Level 1/2 - Kindness Yoga Capitol Hill

Yoga is a way of life. It is a practice that allows me to meet myself NEW everyday that I step on my mat. Being fully present, grounded and expanded in my body allows me to live a full, focused and joyful life. As a yoga teacher, I inspire students to allow breath be the guide for movement. I teach at a gentle, conscious pace that allows beginners to feel comfortable, while offering challenging sequences and poses. I provide a safe, loving space for you to explore mindful presence in your body.