Embody your Feminine Essence

November 16 - 23 2013


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Join us for a week of Full Moon Magic in Tulum, where you can journey into your truest essence as a women with a safe and grounded group and activated guides. Alicia Marie, Imagika Om and Una Viggiani have teamed up to create a powerful and activating week of women's work and play circles. Activities include guided meditations, daily yoga practice, aerial yoga instruction, temple dance, nightly priestess initiation circles and Full Moon Activation Ceremony. Take a journey into your deepest fullest feminine self and come away activated in your highest expression. Retreat offerings include Morning meditations, Daily Yoga Practice, Aerial Yoga Instruction, Shakti Dance, Full Moon Activation Ceremony, Women's  Circle, Goddess Archetype Exploration and Chakra Activations.



Morning Meditations

Start your day with guided meditations that allow you to drop the city, the mind chatter and listen to your inner wisdom.

Daily Asana Practice

Unwind and Open up to your bodies strength and flexibility while flowing with breath to the sound of ocean waves. 

Aerial Yoga Instruction

Levityis a creative journey into the sacred movement arts. In this class we will be exploring traditional circus style aerial acrobatics in a noncompetitive atmosphere, fusing elements of yoga and dance with fluidity and sensuality. Aerial gives one the opportunity to explore the relationship between grace and strength which is the essence of yoga - uniting nd yoking "Sthira" and "Sukha" (effort and ease). Aerial/ Yoga is the perfect union giving your body the opportunity to connect with the natural, organic movement of the universe - the cyclical, spiraling motion that is all around us - and to experience balance from within. As you begin to surrender in the inverted poses you will feel a deep liberation in your spine, neck, and hips. The more open and free we become in our bodies the more open and free we become in our spirits. Come experience Levity and master your own authentic movement. Unlock your body’s deepest treasures, tone your muscles, and uplift your spirit.

Beginner: “Aerial Yoga” This class utilizes the Hammock to teach the aerial basics. Students learn to combine strength, flexibility, and grace. By the end of this section you will have a good sense of what it will feels like to integrate full body awareness as you begin to lift into and explore the full essence of Levity.

Intermediate: “ Aerial strength” In this class we create a beginning sequences of tricks and explore taking Vinyasa (linking breath and movement) suspended in air. Strength and grace are a perfect union in this deeply feminine exploration of empowerment. 

Shakti Dance

Shakti is the powerful feminine life force that gives shape to all that exists. It is a universal energy that lies deep within every woman waiting to be opened through dance, movement, breath, and sound.  You will awaken and expand your embodiment in new ways as you are guided through your own sacred feminine expression that comes from deep within your being.  By awakening this sacred feminine energy, and allowing our bodies to be our temple, we can direct this energy towards greater states of consciousness, self-love and empowerment, connection to our purposes, to create and birth our deepest hearts longing. 

Full Moon Activation Ceremony

Full Moon, the time and space has been created so that we can honor our relationships with ourselves, and each other, kindred sisters, communing with the full moon energy in sacred ceremony, awakening, opening and linking our hearts, aligning with the Goddess, and sharing a journey to our deepest, fullest feminine expression. Let this be a special treat to ourselves to bask in our Feminine energy, and restore and revitalize our Spirit!

Women's Shakti Circle / Goddess Archetype Exploration

We will hold nightly circles where will include chakra journeys, womb wisdom, Goddess archetype exploration. We will utilize ancient wisdom for holding sacred space to go deep within our feminine essence, our creative center, and our fullest selves.  We will connect to our womb, with the intention of remembering and rebirthing our truest selves, raise shakti energy through the chakras, guided meditations, movement, sound, mantras, shakti dance, and sharing.  We will connect with our own body's wisdom, gain clarity, uncover and empowering our essence, and cultivating our connection to the Divine Feminine within and with our sisters.



Shambala Petit Hotel

Shambala Petit Hotel is located on the South Beach of Tulum, Mexico, where guests can feel like they are not a hotel but at home in a beautiful beach paradise. Get in touch with all your senses in a perfect environment for a yoga retreat. Tee Yoga Studio, with its sliding French doors, is located a few steps from the Turquoise waters of the Caribbean Ocean and the sound of the waves crashing in front is a magic touch for each lesson or event. The ten casitas are located on a large beach property, most of them open out onto the beach, and all of them are made with love.

Tulum, Mexico

You may already be familiar with the magic and beauty that Tulum has to offer. Its endless white sandy beaches and crystal clear ocean come together to create an unforgettable experience unmatched in The Mayan Riviera. Tulum has a beautiful energy that resonates with you just moments after your arrival and is sure to leave an imprint in your heart. It is becoming revered as the ‘best kept secret’ among yoga teachers, friends and students.



7 nights Accommodations at Shambala Petit Hotel Beach Front Resort in Tulum Mexico

3 catered meals a day 

Transportation to and from Cancun Airport  

Tulum ruin excursion 

Daily yoga practice, aerial yoga instruction, meditations, women's ceremony and circle, sound healing, 



$1800 Double Occupancy

$2200 Single Occupancy - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Ocean Front Upgrades Available

10% off for Early Bird - Register before 8/15



For more info or to register…

Website : http://unaparadox.com/retreats/

Email: unaparadox@gmail.com

Call: Una 303-921-7971

Deposit: To Reserve your spot please make a non-refundable deposit of $500 Full Payment Due 1 week before departure date.



Plan to arrive at Cancun Airport for the group arranged shuttle by 6pm on Saturday 11/16. Please send your flight information to unaparadox@gmail.com upon confirmation.



Imagika Om

 is a sonic alchemist, blending potent ingredients such as exotic world fusion rhythms, invocational melodies and chants, and sound healing bliss and deep dakini beats, for a sound uniquely her own .  She has traveled the world for a decade, as a DJ and dance performer.  She is an initiated Priestess of the 13th Moon Oracle work with Ariel Spillsbury, whom she studied with for several years.  

She has also initiated into Sri Vidya tantra lineage in India by Sri Amritananda of Devipuram.  She taught ancient feminine practices and facilitated Full Moon Circles at Temple of Visions during its run in Los Angeles.  She is has also produced sacred events, performances, and rituals, throughout the years, uniting music, dance, technology, spirituality, merging the exotic, sacred, and modern, the ancient and future into one.  


Alicia Marie

We are story tellers, telling the stories of our future, shaping our realty with words that dance into form. Our art is our voice. Alicia Marie is an artist who speaks from the depth of her soul through the grace of her form. Alicia has choreographed and performed revolutionary aerial and ground acts in thirteen countries and on four continents for the past 12yrs. Her work has ranged from touring with rock legend Motley Crue to avant-garde circus act Lucent Dossier. She has been hailed by media giants like Rolling Stone Magazine, Spin, London Alternative and Classic Rock. Alicia’s has performed daring acts of aerial dance suspended from Moving ziplines, cranes and trees. She is best known for being an innovator of traditional circus by creating many original performance apparatuses.  Alicia has developed a style that reflects true mastery of not only the mechanical nature of physical movement but the overall creation of a visual experience.


Una Viggiani

Una Viggiani is an artist, yogini, world traveler, creative collaborator and inspired instigator. She earned a degree in Fine Art from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and her Masters degree in Education at the University of Denver, but ultimately learned the most traveling the world on a solo journey that lasted two years and took her to 22 countries. She discovered yoga as a way to balance the demands of teaching, but it soon became much more than that. Yoga became a way of life for Una and making the shift from art teacher to yoga teacher came naturally. Now, she combines her love of art, yoga and travel by teaching workshops and organizing retreats all over the world. She feel most at home and in peace when she allows the physical, creative and spiritual realms to merge into one through her daily practices of yoga and art Una currently writes, paints, and dances her way through life.

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